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Growing & Learning Together

What can you do to help your child keep safe?

Please use the car park at the back of the Centre, accessed from Highfield Road, and do not park on the yellow lines or opposite the yellow lines at the front of the Centre.

Please shut Highfield Centre gates securely.

Please bring your child right into the nursery classrooms to be welcomed by the staff.

Please notify us in writing or by telephone if your child is being picked up by a person who is not known to the staff.

Please ensure the person collecting your child is over 16 years of age.

Please let us know immediately if you change address or telephone number.

Do not bring dogs onto the Centre grounds.

Do not allow your child to ride wheeled toys on the premises.

Please do not hold doors open for strangers as we like to ensure all visitors are signed in and the children are kept safe.

Please ask for support from any member of staff if you are concerned about the welfare of a child.