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Growing & Learning Together

Values and Ethos

Growing and Learning Together

At Highfield the team is committed to promoting high quality learning through genuine partnership with the child and family at the centre.

We recognise that emotional and social development is vital and we believe in valuing and respecting each individual in a welcoming, accessible and inclusive environment.  Through our action research and our multi-agency partnerships we promote a deep understanding of the whole child.

Highfield wants everyone to find out what they can do. Highfield wants everyone to know life is good. At Highfield we respect everybody and say that everyone is special. We want to show everyone at Highfield how to learn, understand and be happy.

At Highfield 

We believe that:

  • through caring we achieve.
  • we have a better and more fulfilled life by acting and behaving well towards each other.
  • we are equal partners with children and their families
  • we have a duty as reflective practitioners to support and empower
  • understanding and managing our emotions are directly connected to motivation and learning and that emotional and mental well-being are inherent to a fulfilled life
  • healthy lifestyles and physical well being and exercise are central to mental and emotional well being
  • being in touch with nature and being outdoors are vital for the whole self
  • creativity is part of every one of us
  • “learning” is marvelling and fun
  • creating and living a positive “I can do” ethos benefits us all and the community we share
  • everyone belongs in our community and to the world
  • Highfield is a place where we can “be” ourselves

We want:

  • children and families to know that they have a voice and can use it to act upon the world to make it a better place for themselves and others
  •  children and families to enjoy the benefits of belonging to a community and have the support and joy that brings
  • Children and families to experience and learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become autonomous in making good judgements and choices for themselves and in relation to others.
  • Children and families to marvel in the joy of lifelong learning
  • To create active participants for resilient, creative, cohesive communities.


  • Motivation
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration
  • Persistence
  • Creativity
  • Communication

This is the 2nd child of ours to attend Highfield and we all rate it incredibly highly.  The staff are wonderful, the ethos of the nursery fits our parenting style and children perfectly.

I would have my children home with me all the time if I could, but to be able to send them to Highfield and the care that they have received here has been the next best option for us.

We regularly encourage other parents with nursery age children to come and have a look.

Please don’t change anything, we love you as you are.