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Highfield Resilience Tracker

The Highfield Resilience Tracker, developed here at Highfield Nursery School in 2010.  It has been used successfully to support children developing resilience since that date and forms an integral part of the annual assessment cycle within the nursery school.

The tracker is based on the research of Dutch researcher, Edith Grotberg and has three core strands.

The tracker is designed to be easy to use and to fit into the day without onerous delivery expectations.

The tracker formed part of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Early Programme Development in 2023-2024 and is currently offered as a fully funded course for all PVI nurseries and schools with a nursery class in the East of England, funded by either the East of England Stronger Practice Hub or Reach Out Stronger Practice Hub (dependent on where your school/setting is based).

This offer is funded until October 2024, subject to availability.

To find out more about Stronger Practice Hubs, use this link.

The Hubs | Stronger Practice Hubs

To find out more about the East of England Sytronger Practice Hub offer 

Highfield Nursery School - Events

Each delegate is expected to attend a half day training session to become a Resilience Champion for their school/setting.  Each school/setting will receive a full pack of resources as well as the tracker to support delivery.

For more information, please contact Highfield Nursery School on 01473 742534 or


Cost of the tracker

For settings outside the reach of the Stronger Practice Hubs:

Please contact Highfield Nursery School on 01473 742534 for more information and to discuss the needs of your setting