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Growing & Learning Together

Fire Precautions & Risk Assessments

Fire Precautions

Every half term there is a practice fire drill across the Centre. Children are helped to get out of the building as quickly as possible and to stand in the nursery garden near their key person.   All are checked against the attendance register.

We explain to the children that there has not been a fire but this is what they should do if there was a fire.

If you are on the premises please exit by the nearest exit marked by a green running man sign and follow instructions.

In the unlikely event of a real emergency staff will contact the emergency services and parents/carers.

Please do not confuse or block airways by using your mobile phone.

Risk Assessments

The health and safety of everyone who visits the Centre is a high priority. However in this world we cannot take away every risk.

If a risk is identified, however small, we conduct an assessment to consider if we need to make changes to reduce the risk and how we should do it.

We make sure we help children begin to learn the skills to keep themselves safe.

This is recommended good practice for all providers to reduce risk.