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Growing & Learning Together

Before your child starts at Highfield

At Highfield Nursery School we are aware that a child's first experience of nursery is a huge step in their lives. Therefore, we do everything we can to make sure that it is a happy experience for them that will give them a positive attitude towards school for the future.

Induction Evening

In June/July each year we will invite all new parents to attend a one hour induction evening. This is the opportunity to learn about how young children learn, to meet the team working with your child and to ask any questions you have.

Home Visits

Once you have applied and been offered a place at our Nursery, we will be in touch with you to arrange a home visit at the start of the term your child will be starting. This will involve two members of staff visiting you and your child at home. One member of staff will work through the paperwork with you, while the other will play with and get to know your child. Being in a safe and familiar environment is the best way for your child to get to know the nursery staff before they come to nursery.

Induction Sessions

After the home visit you will be invited to a one-hour initial visit to your child's class. At this visit you and your child will have a short play, getting to know the environment, the other children and the adults.

From there your child will gradually increase the time that they stay for until they are ready to attend the full session by themselves.

Every child is unique: while most children are quickly ready to attend for full sessions by themselves, some need a little more time and support until they are comfortable. We are very flexible with our transition process, and will work with you and your child to work out the best way to support them. This will usually involve shorter sessions or special arrangements as your child arrives at nursery.