Meet The Staff

Our Interim Headteacher

Ruth Coleman

Office Staff

Karen Turner - Business Manager

Mollie Burch - Admissions and Office Coordinator

Vanessa Bally - Funding and Governance Coordinator

Beth Lewis - Administration Assistant

Eileen Allpress - WIT/IRS Project Manager

Janet Plumstead - WIT Finance Manager

Nursery Classroom 1

Helen Norman &

Frances Wardale - Teachers

Angie Draper

Belinda Handley

Michaela Smy

Lorraine Hale

Michele Djemal

Emma Rowland

Nikki Moles

Sarah Raby

Nursery Classroom 2

Ruth Coleman &

Denise Lewis - Teachers

Michelle Daniels - Nursery Nurse + Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Michele Djemal

Noreen Pyke

Nikki Moles

Nik Dean

Mia Tantony

Sarah Raby

Papia Sulthana-Rahman

Michaela Smy

Loron Hurd


Helen Norman & Eileen Allpress

Speech and Language Support

Belinda Handley - Nursery Nurse + Higher Lever Teacher Assistant