Starting Out

Starting nursery can be a daunting time for both parent's and children. At Highfield Nursery we try to make the transition into nursery as smooth as possible for you and your child.  All children are individuals and while some children adjust to the new environment and routines with ease, others take longer to feel comfortable and secure. This is absolutely normal and we are able to suggest ways in helping your child settle, should you need them.

Separation anxiety is both healthy and a protective emotion. It is your child's way of saying they need time to develop trust and confidence in an alternative carer. Recognising this can help both you and your child to feel stronger and more secure.

We have an established induction programme for both you and your child to support you both in developing a relationship with the practitioners in your child's class.

1. New Parent's Information Evening - this will usually happen at the end of the term before your child is due to start at Highfield Nursery School.

2. A home visit from your child's teacher and key person. This will give you the opportunity to tell us all the amazing things about your child and help us to start to develop a bond with your child.

3. An Induction session where you and your child can attend a nursery session together. This will give you both an opportunity to explore both the indoor areas and outdoor areas.

Your child will then have a start date where you can drop off your child at nursery school and start their adventure at Highfield!

Please look at our 'Settling, Transitions and Handling Policy' for more information

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