Letters and Sounds

At Highfield Nursery School, we engage children in their learning through their interests. Teachers use these interests to plan active and creative learning experiences that develop children's listening and attention skills.
As a Nursery School, we use guidance from phase 1 and phase 2 ‘Letters and Sounds’, which focuses on the teaching and learning of instrumental and environmental sounds. For children who are more confident in linking sounds to letters and who are at the early stages of reading, we challenge their learning through the introduction of more age and stage appropriate learning opportunities – both indoors and outdoors. We read and share a broad range of books with the children that focus on both fiction and non-fiction text. We challenge children's phonetical knowledge through the introduction and engagement of different writing genres so that children gain a deep and secure understanding of letters, sounds, words, text and information. 

Children in Dragonflies and Bumblebees classes engage in regular input sessions through which concepts such as rhythm and rhyme are developed further. Throughout the indoor and outdoor learning environments, children have the opportunity to explore a range of high quality resources to continuously develop their knowledge of letters and, in turn, their sounds. 

Jolly Songs by Jolly Phonics

Jolly Songs is a collection of songs set to popular tunes for each of the 42 letter sounds. These songs are sung by children (in British English) on the audio CD which can be bought at the Early Learning Centre or online at We listen to the song and join in with the action that accompanies each sound. It may be the Snake in the Grass for Ssss or A, A, Ants on my arm, that you hear being sung by your child. We always show the child how to form the letter and give them the opportunity to explore forming the letter in a variety of media; such as a white board, in sand, paint or chalk.