Safety and Risk


We believe that children have the right to be completely secure from both the fear and reality of abuse, including Prevent and online, and we are committed to protecting all the children in our care from harm.

Designated safeguard Lead (DSL) - Ruth Coleman

The alternates are Jannice Simpson, Helen Norman and Denise Lewis. All alternates have the same level of training as the DSL.

The DSL has suitable experience, training and expertise. There are displays around the nursery with information on who to speak to if you ever have concerns.

The Centre’s child protection safeguarding procedures comply with all relevant legislation and other guidance and advice from the Suffolk Safeguarding Board.

Staff will always ensure that all concerns and allegations are treated with sensitivity. However we have a duty to put the safety of children first. We will always try to discuss our concerns with families at an early stage and often they may be cleared up quickly. If we are still concerned or it is believed the child is at risk we will refer to the relevant services immediately.

Online Safety

It may feel like it's too early to have conversations about keeping safe online and to use social media in a healthy way, however, we know that with the sheer number of sites young children are using - YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok as well as Roblox games, Gatcha Life and many more… the number of social websites in today’s world can feel endless. So, perhaps it’s not too surprising that 48% of children have used to social media by age seven.

We know that children at Highfield are curious about the digital world they are surrounded by and many know how to use phones and tablets, so it is never too young to start thinking about online safety. That’s why we want to help you to start important conversations with your children early on about how to build a healthy relationship with social media.

I have attached a PDF of the story #Goldilocks to this post. It is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale that offers a fun and accessible way for you to discuss all things social media related with your younger children. Award-winning author Jeanne Willis created the light-hearted story alongside illustrator Tony Ross. The book is designed to help educate children about the potential consequences of being unkind, getting carried away with selfies, or oversharing images, as we see Goldilocks getting into trouble with the three bears over her pursuit of likes on social media.

All staff at Highfield have read the story during their latest online safety training and we would like to give you the opportunity to share the story with your children. We also have physical copies of the book 'Chicken Clicking' by the same author/illustrator; that looks at how online friendships may not be all they initially seem. If you would like to borrow one to read at home, please ask your child's class teacher.

Online Safety Lead - Ruth Coleman. 

What can you do to help keep your child safe?

Please use the car park at the back of the Centre, accessed from Highfield Road, and do not park on the yellow lines or opposite the yellow lines at the front of the Centre.

Please shut Highfield Centre gates securely.

Please bring your child right into the nursery classrooms to be welcomed by the staff.

Please notify us in writing or by telephone if your child is being picked up by a person who is not known to the staff.

Please ensure the person collecting your child is over 16 years of age.

Please let us know immediately if you change address or telephone number.

Do not bring dogs onto the Centre grounds.

Do not allow your child to ride wheeled toys on the premises.

Please do not hold doors open for strangers as we like to ensure all visitors are signed in and the children are kept safe.

Please ask for support from any member of staff if you are concerned about the welfare of a child.

Fire Precautions

Every half term there is a practice fire drill across the Centre. Children are helped to get out of the building as quickly as possible and to stand in the nursery garden near their key person.   All are checked against the attendance register.

We explain to the children that there has not been a fire but this is what they should do if there was a fire.

If you are on the premises please exit by the nearest exit marked by a green running man sign and follow instructions.

In the unlikely event of a real emergency staff will contact the emergency services and parents/carers.

Please do not confuse or block airways by using your mobile phone.

Risk Assessments

The health and safety of everyone who visits the Centre is a high priority. However in this world we cannot take away every risk.

If a risk is identified, however small, we conduct an assessment to consider if we need to make changes to reduce the risk and how we should do it.

We make sure we help children begin to learn the skills to keep themselves safe.

This is recommended good practice for all providers to reduce risk.