Wow look at all the wonderful donations for those suffering in Ukraine!

We are so grateful that families, staff and the wider community have gathered so many items for those on the Ukrainian Polish border.

A constant stream of donations have been given over the two days we've been collecting, with 4 cars and 3 vans loaded with items from Highfield, taken to the chief organiser in Suffolk.

It's so heart warming to here that they have collected 35 tons of donations from many different collection points all over Suffolk. There will be 5 lorries leaving for the Ukrainian Polish border soon with weekly vans going thereafter.

Special thanks to Councillor Sam Murray who arrived in her World Book Day costume with a donation and then stayed to help sort through items. Also many thanks to Micha Richardson from the West End Show 'Come From Away' who collected donations from cast and crew and the used a £100 charitable donation to buy essential supplies. Another special mention to Equippers Church Essex who volunteered their van and volunteers to finish transporting the remaining donations from the Nursery School, how inspiring to see such love in action.

Most of all we want to thank each and every person that contributed to the donations, it's with your help that we were able to give such a vast amount. We have been blown away with the level of generosity and kindness. Thank you!