100% of parents feel welcome when they bring their child to nursery.

100% of parents would recommend Highfield Nursery school to parents of other children.

Parent Feedback

"My daughter is encouraged, staff are friendly and approachable, staff show active interest in the children, lovely nursery lunches, so many different activities"

"The confidence found from regular interaction with others. When they show a passion about something it is encouraged, developed and the experience shared with their peers. I enjoy the learning journey but would prefer more regular updates like the online modules other schools use"

"My daughter has learnt new skills and words, read several different books and has learnt a lot about making and keeping friends, so helping her to develop along side what we do as parents is what I appreciate"

"The staff are wonderful always willing to help and listen to your child's needs. I wouldn't use any other nursery than Highfield"

Child Feedback

What's been your best thing to do at nursery?

"Painting, drawing, doing my own work".

"Playing in the meadow and story telling activities like 3 bears and goldilocks"

"Playing and games outside. The mud kitchen".

"Going to the meadow, playing with cars and Lego, eating snack"

Equalities Feedback

"Yeah - I think it’s lovely here. It’s really good, what you have here. I really like the ParentMail – it is easy to use and kept up to date"

"Have attended the parent learning evenings. Good resources"

"Nothing to change, you have the balance right. If you want to do something you will make it happen"

Governor Feedback

"I have been a governor here for 3 year and have seen how Highfield improved even on perfection. Imaginative ideas continue to be put into place throughout the school and amongst the parents. If I had to pick one essential quality, it is the team work amongst all the staff, who jointly only have the children's best interests in mind"