Parent Consultations 

Whatever department your child attends, if we are working closely with your child and yourselves, in their first few weeks at Highfield the staff assess what stage of development your child is at in relation to all the areas of learning. From this basis your child’s progress is monitored at all times by means of parental input and staff assessments and record keeping. The records are updated regularly whilst your child is at Nursery School or Day Care and are available for you to look at. We will ensure your child’s school receives information concerning learning and development within the Foundation Stage.

We hold ‘open’sessions every term when we invite parents/carers to come and spend time in the Nursery School and look through their child’s learning journey. However, you are most welcome to arrange an appointment with staff to discuss your child’s development at any time.

We work with outside agencies to support children’s special needs at an early stage. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss particular needs we would be pleased to help. Contact the special educational needs co-ordinator (SENDCo) or Headteacher through the office staff.

Assessment and Record Keeping - Tapestry

At Highfield we use an online assessment system called Tapestry. This is safe and secure and enables the team to keep an electronic learning journey about your child. The great thing about this is you receive instant notifications when a photograph or observation is added and you can also reply. You are also able to add your own personal photographs so it is a perfect way for us to share information together about how your child is progressing. When you start we will ask for email addresses that you want to link to your child and then the sign up is simple. For more information please talk to your Mollie in the main office.