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At Highfield we pride ourselves on promoting  wellbeing for all of our school community including children, staff, governors and families. 

Staff Wellbeing GroupAt Highfield our staff wellbeing is a priority. Our wellbeing lead is Jannice Simpson, who is happy to support your needs. We also have a Mental Health First Aider Ruth Coleman who will be happy to assist with any guidance.

Highfield has implemented The Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. The charter sets out commitments from the DfE, Ofsted and employers working in education on actions to protect and promote the wellbeing of education staff. Please click here to have a read of the charter.

Please click here to view the Cost of Living Poster. Here you will find helpful websites and advice regarding your  finances and household expenses.

Take the time to visit the two links below. They include information and support advice regarding the menopause. This can be a difficult season to go through so please get support if you need it. 

How to be Prepared for the Menopause | Health Partners Group

Menopause and the Workplace | Health Partners Group

Action for Happiness - Please see our Action for Happiness calendar. Let's start the new year happier.

Employee Assist Programme

All Staff have access to an Employee Assist Programme - Your employee assistance programme is free, confidential service which can help you with any personal, work or family issues you face. Available any time, any day, by phone or online, the service provides information, helpful resources and counselling on any issues that matter to you. This is a service we pay for at Highfield for our staff members, so please take advantage of this service if you feel you need to.

Phone: 08081682143

Website: www.carefirst-lifestyle.co.uk Please take a card from the staff room kitchen with the login details.









Suffolk Mind

Stress vs StretchApril is Stress Awareness Month.
Stress isn't a good thing. Stress is the crossover point on the Mental Health Continuum between wellbeing and mental ill health. The longer we feel stressed the more it negatively affects our mental wellbeing but it also impacts our physical health.Stretch is different. When we’re in stretch we feel competent, motivated and able to learn and problem solve.We aren’t meeting our emotional needs in stress, whereas our self esteem is boosted when we’re stretching, achieving and learning.Where are you on the Human Function Curve? Do you move up and down through the day? Notice what causes you to move into stress, and what things help you feel stretched.By completing our Emotional Needs Audit (anonymously) you are not only helping Suffolk Mind with vital research but it's a great tool to measure your own wellbeing. Think about how well, or not, you are meeting each emotional need, and what is preventing you from meeting them. Then you can make some small changes that can make a big difference to your wellbeing. This can help you move back from stress and into stretch.

Useful articles and resources for practitioners:

Useful Apps to download:

Here are some Apps to support and provide information you need to make positive changes – helping you to enhance your wellbeing, lead a healthier lifestyle and improve your Wellbeing