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We are very proud of our centre.

You are welcome to visit and have a look around the centre at any time. 

If you have any questions or queries, please call in, call or email and we will be happy to help you and arrange a time to have a look around.

If you would like to chat with our Headteacher, Ruth Coleman, or our office staff, Mollie or Beth to find out more about our Nursery School, Early Years @ Highfield, Early Years @ Whitehouse and Children 's Centre

call on 01473 742534 or

email us at, or alternatively come and visit us:

Highfield Nursery School

Children’s Centre and Early Years @ Highfield,

Chesterfield Drive,

Ipswich, IP1 6DW.

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Can we PLEASE ask parents and visitors to be extra vigilant when parking to come to the centre. Even if you are only dropping your child off and think you will only be a few minutes; if you block just a part of one of our neighbour’s driveways this is not acceptable. We strive to keep all our neighbours happy and this is a recurrent issue.

We have a car park at the back of nursery, which can be found on Highfield Road at Castle Hill Community Centre, we understand this can get full & in that case we ask that you park in one of the side roads instead of directly out the front of the Centre or the Doctor’s Surgery.