Starting Out

Starting at Daycare can be a daunting time for both parent's and children. At Highfield Daycare we try to make the transition into the provision as smooth as possible for you and your child.  All children are individuals and while some children adjust to the new environment and routines with ease, others take longer to feel comfortable and secure. This is absolutely normal and we are able to suggest ways in helping your child settle, should you need them.

Separation anxiety is both healthy and a protective emotion. It is your child's way of saying they need time to develop trust and confidence in an alternative carer. Recognising this can help both you and your child to feel stronger and more secure.

We have an established induction programme for both you and your child to support you both in developing a relationship with the staff.

1. Visit and information booklet - this will happen before your child(ren) start at the setting. The keyperson will show you and your child around explaining our learning environment and go through our information booklet.

2. Pre-Sessional Visit - We usually arrange two pre-sessional visits, one where you stay with your child to play, interact and explore the environment together alongside the keyperson. The second where we encourage you to leave for a while or whole hour if your child is confident enough to do so. If you feel your child needs more than two sessions before starting this is absolutely fine.

We will then organise a start dates and confirm with you an all year round or term time only contract.

Please complete the below application form and bring it to Early Years' main office along with your child's birth certificate to start your early years @ daycare journey.

Please click here for the Early Years @ Highfield Admissions Application