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Daycare Stay and Play Event 

Date to be confirmed

 All Daycare children, parents/carers and their family are invited to our Termly Stay and Play session. 

Come and see how your child spends their busy Daycare session.

There will be lots of fun and exciting activities for you and your child/children to join in together.

Your child's Key Person will be available to share with you individual Learning Journeys and talk with you about your child's achievements.

 We hope you can join us 


 Friends of Highfield

 Would you like to become a Friend of Highfield?

 Help Highfield raise funds for lots of projects that are in the pipeline

 Once we are established we are hoping to become an official charitable group

 If you are at all interested & would like to learn more then please speak to the office

 We will welcome ALL ideas and input

 Put as little or as much time in as you want


Severe Weather Guidance

In the event of severe weather can we please ask parents to check for information on school closures on:-

BBC Radio Suffolk Website


and/or listen to

BBC Radio Suffolk (95.5 FM, 95.9 FM, 103.9 FM, 104.6 FM)


The announcement will not individually name Early Years @ Highfield, but will state "Highfield Nursery School and Children's Centre is closed"

Please note there will be no information on the Highfield phone line.


E-safety Zone

Parents - MIND THE GAP!

How we communicate has and will continue to rapidly change with the use of social media and technology. A study by EU Kids Online tells us that very young children are growing up at ease with digital devices. The introduction of the tablet and swipe screen technology means that toddlers are able to interact with these devices easily as the swipe actions needed to work them are more in keeping with a young child’s level of physical development and are much easier than learning to control a mouse or click a button. Statistics tell us that by school age 70% of children are confident in using a laptop, tablet or smart device and that 17 % of children under 3 have their own device.

Helpful ideas for Parents……

  • Know which devices connect to the internet and how. Even some TV’s connect to the internet now!
  • Make sure that the Parental controls and settings are filtered to make sure your child can use the technology safely.
  • Keep all gadgets that connect to the internet in a ‘family space’. This will help you to monitor your child’s online activity and also means you will be nearby if your child stumbles across something they didn’t mean to see.
  • Try to keep up! Wikipedia is a great site to use to stay updated with the latest online trends. Get Wise Online is another good site for advice and if you want to learn some internet lingo!


What’s Private, Stays Private

 NSPCC Campaign

 Increasingly in the world things are becoming more & more public, not only with the internet being so accessible to all but with social media, reality TV and really just in general & so we feel it is really important to teach the children awareness from a very young age.


So, as part of our learning this term, we shall be learning more about the NSPCC campaign.


We will have a display in our corridor for you to see what it’s all about and some really useful leaflets to take away and read. If you have any questions about this please see your class teacher or a member of the Centre Staff.