Our Setting

Welcome to Sunbeam Preschool 

Our Ethos

We believe a child deserves the best possible start to their education within a safe, secure, and nurturing environment in which children will flourish and feel confident to learn.

We recognise the importance of individuality, responsibility, and the sense of community.

We foster the love of learning through exploration, fun and challenge in a safe place, where all children are welcomed, valued, and supported from their unique starting point.

We strive to nurture positive relationships with parents, professionals and agencies to best meet the needs of our children.

Our Values

To develop and maintain the best possible Early Years provision for children through a story based curriculum.

To be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, developing, and nurturing the sense of belonging.

To encourage children to reach their potential through high expectations for every child.

To be involved in the life of the community, supporting children and their families through strong links with external agencies, and in partnership with parents, feeder schools and settings.

To be reflective and flexible in order to adapt to new opportunities and challenges within education.


If you would like to find out more information about our setting, or would like to arrange a visit - Please contact Vikki or one of the Sunbeam members of staff on 01473 462386.


Please complete the below application form and bring it to the Sunbeam main office along with your child's birth certificate to start your Sunbeam Preschool journey.

Please click here for the Sunbeam Preschool Admissions Application