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Lunch Feedback

What aspects of school life do you like most?

Childs Voice - What’s been your best thing to do at Nursery?

July 2017

Equalities Feedback

I think you are a perfect place, I'm so pleased he had the opportunity!

I think you are very inclusive and anything the child loves is supported from the outset. Children are valued.

You are approachable and accessible. I believe if anyone had a problem you would be open to supporting them.

What's amazing is that you do sign language.

I think you do everything you should when you were given suggestions - you stopped doing things when they didn't work. I think you adapt to his needs. I think he has had a wicked time here.

The TIG was really good, the children thought it was fun, they didn't feel self conscious. 


Governor Feedback!

I have so much respect for the immense work you and your team do at the nursery and I am so grateful that our children started their education at a nursery they loved, were loved and received such superb nurture.

Nov 2014

Parent Feedback

I would recommend Highfield Nursery as a fantastic preschool setting for my son with additional needs.

From the outset I have been impressed by the obvious joy and commitment the staff have for children. They have been inclusive and sensitive to my child's needs, actively facilitating learning and social opportunities – including DMP which was amazing for my child.

During his time at Highfield my son has had the experience of being and having friends, he has received encouragement and a sense of achievement that has given him confidence to explore new activities and experiences.

Thank you Highfield Nursery.

July 2016

Parent Feedback - Highfield Hand's Day 

 Highfield Hands/Family Fun Day is a great morning out. There are so many activities set out to do, both inside and outdoors.
On our last visit, we made a bird box which is now hanging up in our garden. You get to appreciate some lovely bonding
time with the family. My child also gets to show us and her big brother some of the work she has done, which is very sweet.
I don’t actually know who enjoys it more, me or the children?! You can tell that the teachers and staff put a lot of effort into everything. I would highly recommend this to anyone

Thank you

May 16