Additional Charges


In addition to your child's government funded FREE 15 hours, you can now purchase additional hours in nursery school (subject to availability).  This can be 'one-off' sessions or regular hours each week.  If you are interested in purchasing additional hours, please chat to your child's teacher or Mollie in the office.  



At Highfield, we offer a nutritious 2 course meal cooked with the children each day. The cost of the hours care plus lunch is £5.80 in Nursery School and £6.00 in Butterflies per day which needs to be paid on ParentMail in advance


Piggy and Trips

Our Piggy Bank, Super Pig, can be found in the main office with Mollie, Ness and Beth. Piggy money is a voluntary donation of £2 a week which is put towards the children's snack, cooking and malleable materials and to support trips out of nursery.


We usually have 3 trips a year to the beach, to Rendlesham forest and a train trip, which are always very beneficial to the children. Due to the increasing cost of coach travel, we ask for at least a £5 donation for any trips we go on, so that we can cover the costs and continue to provide the children with the amazing trips that everyone enjoys.